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Actually, your breath is not overrated at all. More so it is terribly underrated and a strong majority of athletes and non-athletes alike give little attention to their breathing and the power it possesses. So often I see athletes, in and out of the water, struggle, overexert and labor to become more efficient in their sport. Frustrated they push on with their training.

Buddhists will say to “focus on the breath and the mind and body will follow.” The mind-body connection is essential to your ability to perform and perform well. When coaching an athlete in the water, I will undoubtedly say: “If something doesn’t feel right in your swim, always go back to your breath.”

In many cases in evaluating someone’s training deficiencies, I quickly identify poor breathing as the culprit. Having a dysfunctional breathing pattern in your everyday activities will unfortunately carry over to your training and to your competition.

  • Are you mindful of your breathing?
  • How many breaths are you taking per minute?
  • Do you breathe vertically or horizontally? Yes, it matters!
  • Do you breathe from your mouth or your nose? And, yes it matters!
  • Are you a snorer?
  • Do you wake up with dry mouth?

We will address these questions over the next few weeks. In the meantime, please reach out with any questions regarding your breathing or the lack thereof.

“Master your breath, you will be on the road to mastering your health.”

You have been Soletraind.