Sole Searching is intended and designed to generate and create serious thinking and deep consideration regarding one’s beliefs, motivation and driving force to finally move yourself to the next level.

Week 76, Volume 76

Working Hard is Different than Hard Work

These two terms have been used interchangeable forever. But there is a distinct and evident difference when we take the time to really dissect and break each down. Working hard, many of the times, is a feeling of busyness, stress and exhaustion. At day’s end, you feel drained with no real feeling of accomplishment. Our lives are devoted to an ever-demanding set of emergencies along with fighting fires. Each day we feel like we are moving but not in the forward direction we were hoping for, a real lack of meaningful progress.

Hard work, on the other hand, is starting each day focused and with a sense of being deliberate, knowing what is important to you, designed around your goals and ambitions, and when completed will make a sizable difference in your life. Though hard work can and often is hard, it is not draining and debilitating. Hard work is dedicated to time blocks that are well established and interruption of that precious time is non-negotiable. There is clear evidence at the end progress has been made. Hard work is deliberately preparing and purposefully executing a plan that by its very nature is going to move the needle forward.

Deepika Padukone summed it up best: “The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest.”