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Volume 98

As endurance athletes we have been given a wonderful gift of time. Yes, races have been cancelled and training as we know it is not the same in this new world of COVID. And, honestly, we don’t know what the future of triathlon looks like. Time has extended us the ability to train instead of just workout; to become more mindful and deliberate in evaluating our present ability in all three disciplines: swim, bike and run.

We have the time to get stronger, to regain our mobility and our natural movement patterns. We can be working on grit, mental fortitude and technical proficiencies.

If you’re just safe about the choices you make, you don’t grow. -Heath Ledger

I am now getting a tremendous amount of interest in coaching despite the inconsistencies of the race calendar. More athletes are spending time assessing and evaluating where they are in their performance and each athlete is telling me the same thing: I am tired of doing all this work with little to no improvement. As noted by Mark Devine, Unbeatable Mind: “So much is wasted on junk training with no impact.” It’s time.

Where most of the interest to improve is in the swim, technique matters in every single stroke. As endurance athletes we are limited on how fast we can get without improving technique. Exponential growth is waiting for the endurance athlete who will embrace this gift of time and develop a deliberate and mindful approach to their swimming working on their technique and are willing to making the necessary corrections to improve.

What am I avoiding just because the desired outcome would take longer than I’d like?

If the investment into your current training regimen is not reaping the rewards Time + work = results then what you are avoiding is change. Success is a by-product of investing the necessary time and hard work that will lead to improvements and results. The larger challenge is are you ready to sit quietly, be honest with yourself and assess your current training and your potential to improve? You already know the answer to the question.