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I am off to my yoga practice, I said, as I kissed my wife goodbye. I find the idea of yoga practice refreshing. I am off to practice, by definition, a repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill to acquire or maintain proficiency in it. I have never heard a triathlete say I am off to practice my running, my hill climbing skills on the bike or my breath work. No, triathletes do workouts. They master, working to conquer, crush and trample their training session. You never hear any of that in yoga. You are there for you; no judgment, no Strava, no particular agenda other than to just practice, getting lost in time, movement and body awareness.

Purvi Raniaga observed:  “Step on your yoga mat with the motive of self-care and without any expectations.” I have a strange feeling if you took this to your workouts, you would start to see the results you are after.

Got to go now, time to practice.

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