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Week 54, Volume 54

Time Has Come Today

There is a saying “that time is a thief.” As little as a year ago, I believed every word of this saying. I fell victim to blaming time for all my short comings. I quickly realized that time was something I failed to treasure. Time was equal for everyone. With the same allotment of ticks, some of us were succeeding mightily, while others were not progressing. I believed that there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Time has been accused of unobtrusively steeling our health, our youth, poor energy and our wealth.

The real thief is not time. Time is not to blame. It is our lack of ability to use it to our advantage. It is procrastination, lack of clarity, no discipline, chasing after every shiny object, poor goals, failure to do the hard work and the inability to look deep inside and hold ourselves accountable. When I hear someone say: “I have no time” to (fill in the blank)”, I now understand that activity or chore simply was not a priority. The same time we condemn and convict our short comings, others treat it as a valued commodity, paying close and deliberate attention to that same 24 hours as a gift and are busy engaged in doing the necessary hard work.

Lucius Seneca, Roman Philosopher, in his theme The Shortness of Life debated: “It is not that we have a short space of time, but that we waste much of it. Life is long enough, and it has been given in sufficiently generous measures to allow the accomplishment of the greatest things if the whole of it is well invested.”

Time has come today.