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I have had the blessing to work with athletes for well over twenty years now. The one thing I enjoy the most is getting an endurance athlete in the water for the very first time to evaluate and complete an assessment of their swimming. I look at their body positioning, balance, buoyancy, body mechanics and timing of their kick in conjunction with the wrapping phase of their stroke.

The biggest common denominator I see in most adult endurance athletes looking to finally improve in their swimming is poor breathing mechanics. No, not the inability to rotate to breath, the simple task of how to breathe. “If you have dysfunctional breathing on deck, you will have dysfunctional breathing in the water.”

The single most significant thing I try to teach an athlete is the importance of breathing correctly. If you are unable to breathe well, you will continue to struggle in your swim.

I would love to learn more about your breath work as an endurance athlete, the challenges and successes. Please feel free to reach out.