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Week 69, Volume 69

Stuck in The Dip

Seth Godin wrote a compelling little book called The Dip. In his book, he addresses how we are all subject to the dip:  a long stretch between beginner’s luck and real accomplishment and if it is worth doing it probably will have a dip.

Swimming has a Dip. The difference between a middle of the pack triathlete swimmer and an elite isn’t necessarily talent, it’s just simply in the ability to press through the moments where it would be easier to just quit. In the dip you will face your fears, doubts, insecurities and the negativity that seems to be everywhere.  That was me, and for a period of time, those emotions handcuffed me into a state of mediocrity and stagnation. I soon learned that it was possible to break through and out of this debilitating cocoon by applying energy and time in the right arena.

The Dip will be in front of you in anything worth perusing. For example: at first signing up for an Ironman is exciting and fun. Training starts, days become weeks and you suddenly find yourself in the dip. You are tired, your body aches, you seem to always be out of time, you question your sanity and start asking yourself why am I doing this. Remember, it’s easy being an Ironman athlete. What’s hard is getting there.

Knowing in advance that the dip is part of the process, as you push through, preserve and obsess, you will be rewarded. As Godin said: “The dip is why you are here.”