Sole Searching is intended and designed to generate and create serious thinking and deep consideration regarding one’s beliefs, motivation and driving force to finally move yourself to the next level.

Week 42, Volume 42


“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life. –Eckart Tolle

With the New Year now upon us, with great excitement, many will deliberately state their resolutions and intentions, develop goals and formulate their ambitions. In this process, it is easy to get wrapped up with seeing the entire picture formulating as we peer down that long country road. A continual reminder of the importance of the here and now, living in the present, exist in the now, a relentless focus on the process and not the outcome is sometimes necessary. At times, the future can be emotionally controlling. It becomes a relentless pursuit to sway our direction by forecasting and predicting what will potentially happen by the so-called experts who prophesize about the next up and coming trends. As Boston Globe writer, Jeff Jacoby, stated so well: “The uncanny ability of experts to get things hopelessly, cataclysmically wrong.”

We plan, design and create strategies for the future. All necessary and important, but by addressing the now we quickly learn that a deliberate and relentless focus on today, controlling only what can be controlled, mastering me and my time, will have the largest impact on one’s future. Dan Millman in his wonderful book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, writes “don’t be concerned about seeing the future, until you can clearly see the present.”