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Week 46, Volume 46

The fixed mindset stands in the way of development and change. The growth mindset is a starting point for change. -Carol Dweck, Mindset

So, how we think and what we say will directly affect our lives. The simple law of cause and effect. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about the concept of causing our effect: if you have a fixed mindset you accept the idea that either you have or you haven’t the necessary talent, ability or aptitude, it’s just the way it is. While a growth mindset accepts and supports the idea that your talent, ability and aptitude are directly associated with your action. When you are faced with something completely outside of your comfort zone you immediately start to listen to your internal dialogue and your language either negative or positive. With a growth mindset you are looking to push through into uncharted waters, confident and willing to improve and keep growing. With a fixed mindset you hide your flaws and look at failure as defining. Hall of fame baseball pitcher, Roger Clemons, summed it up appropriately: “I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in.” All your dreams, all your desires and your destination live in the realm of a growth mindset.