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I think it would be fair to say that each of us prides ourselves on being good at something. In this case, I am talking about endurance swimming. Each of us can substitute endurance swimming for whatever is on your heart and is your passion.

Recently an endurance athlete approached me, someone I have had the pleasure of coaching on and off for a couple years and expressed how frustrated he was with his swimming and stated “I simply am not getting any better or faster. I really suck at it.”

With a quick and direct response, I told him: “No, actually you are very good at swimming. You have the ability and capability of being in the top five of your age group. The way I see it is what you suck at is the three P’s of training.”

  • Patience: The athlete who can demonstrate this rare commodity is one step ahead.
  • Persistence: Despite the fact of physical evidence, the athlete who is persistent is one step ahead.
  • Practice: Practice it perfectly, each and every time on that given day. The athlete who does this is one step ahead.