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Volume 97

The more you are relaxed the better you will be at everything. And, excellent swimming is no exception. Ever watch the beginning of a triathlon, gun goes off for an age-group wave and undoubtedly there are always a hand full of outliers pulling away from the pack within the first 100 meters. I always here comments: look how long they swim and how effortless their stroke looks. Relaxation and the ability to control your breathing is essential in developing the capacity to complete an endurance swim that is effortless and efficient without fatigue.

        “Everything you do can be done better from a place of relaxation.”

I spend a considerable amount time with athletes helping them to understand, appreciate and be conscious on how essential breathing and relaxation are to their success in the water. Some get it, others will not. If an athlete demonstrates a dysfunctional breathing pattern in their everyday life, there is a strong probability they will take that dysfunctional breathing pattern into the water. If you have poor breathing, it will be hard to relax and there is a strong probability of dysfunctional breathing. It is the ability of the athlete to become more mindful and have a deeper awareness and finally ready to say: now is the time for me to swim to my potential.