Sole Searching is intended and designed to generate and create serious thinking and deep consideration regarding one’s beliefs, motivation and driving force to finally move yourself to the next level.

Week 87, Volume 87

While sitting with my mentor I proudly displayed my daily calendar for the upcoming week. It was brimming with activities from early morning well into the evening. My mentor quickly and abruptly turned the topic to my written goals and asked, “out of all these activates listed which will deliberately move you closer to your goals?” OUCH!  BUSTED! In reality, very few would move me closer to my goals. I quickly came to the conclusion that all activities are not the same as worthy accomplishments. I was addicted to “my activities” believing my industriousness was going to finally move the needle.

As elegantly stated by Coach J.R. Rosania: “Don’t ever mistake activity with achievement.” Staying “just active” made it very easy for me to avoid and redirect all my creative energies away from engaging in the necessary, intelligent, applied hard work that would lead to success.

So, now each day, I ask the important question: is this activity essential to moving my needle forward? And, the answer may be:  Yes, keep going, No or proceed with caution.