Sole Searching is intended and designed to generate and create serious thinking and deep consideration regarding one’s beliefs, motivation and driving force to finally move yourself to the next level.
Week 39, Volume 39

Hacking Your Way to a Short Cut

If we are completely honest with ourselves, many times a short cut is the very first thing we think of when we are challenged to lose weight, study for a test, master a language, learn to swim efficiently, play an instrument or train for our first marathon. We think, “man, there has to be an easier and faster way to do this.” Though, as we know, anything worth doing is worth doing right. And, in many cases, doing it right is permeated and riddled with unromantic, deliberate, boring, mundane and a methodical approach built systematically on a moment by moment, day by day and month by month path that is nestled and sandwiched in a wrapping better known as hard work. If we are driving along and the road in front of us is detoured, we will punch into our GPS an opportunity for an alternative route. Makes sense. Learning to play an instrument, not so much. There is nothing that will replace deliberate practice mastering the necessary scales and movements.

At times, hacking your way to efficiency and potentially skipping a step or two makes the most sense. But be cautious and vigilant for again you may find yourself smack up against a detour again pursuing the next short cut. Seth Godin explains it as looking for a short cut that looks like a short cut. But consider this, that the payoff may be found in the detour.