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The Power of a Routine

I like having a routine, because everything else…is so unpredictable. Jordana Brewster

Two Hundred and forty days ago, yes, I am counting and journaling this entire journey, is when I first embraced the concept of routine. Prior to day 240, I fought the idea of routine. I found it boring, predictable, not seeing the results and would lose faith. But now I enthusiastically embrace my routine and run to it expectedly every day. Routine is defined as performance that is part of a regular procedure. This procedure is slowly and deliberately moving forward each day to my successes.

It started with me standing buck-ass naked in front of the bathroom mirror staring at myself. I mean really staring at myself for the first time in years, and I did not like what was staring back. I was terribly overweight; damn I was fat! I looked old, felt old, and my knee joints were painfully preventing me from running. That day I took immediate action and held myself 100% accountable for my position and committed to a nutrition plan that I have not compromised. As of today, I am down thirty-three pounds, put on considerable amount of muscle and my arthritic knees are a non-issue. And perform a routine every day of eating the same things, training, making the bed, put my running shoes away, flossing, putting a dirty dish in the dishwasher, journaling and simply paying mindful attention to the small and innocuous details.

Admiral McRaven gave a compelling commencement speech to the class of 2014 at the University of Texas entitled Make Your Bed Every Day: “The little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you will never be able to do the big things.” Joel Olsteen, in a sermon, directed his message to this very subject: “Be faithful to the routine, be your very best when it’s mundane and you are not seeing the results you want and expected.” He goes on to say “When you are faithful in the routine something is happening you can’t see. Be faithful when nothing new is happening. Routine in life is not exciting but it is necessary.”

What I have come to learn so far in my 240-day journey is when one is faithful in an average day, exceptional days are soon to follow. Be faithful to the routine.