Just recently I read this quote: “How we breath is a learned behavior” which I believe is true. Research indicates that the average adult living in western society has a respiratory breathing rate of 13-16 breaths per minute. This aggressive breathing pattern can very likely be interfering with your sleep, nervous system, brain function along with over taxing your heart. Within the body, it can create complete chaos.

Breathing habits such as upper chest breathing, over breathing, shallow breathing and vertical breathing have been known to lead to a shortage of oxygen which is referred to as “dead air” that enters your body and fails to be absorbed by the hemoglobin to fuel the cells. Poor breathing habits can raise your blood pressure forcing your heart to work harder and causing a lack of oxygen getting to your muscles. Shortness of breath has a negative impact on your sympathetic nervous system, exciting the fight or flight response. Little hint, we were never designed to breath like this and with some awareness and becoming mindful of your breath you can change it and breathe as your body was designed.

But first, sit relaxed, quiet and breathe normally. Time yourself for one minute on the inhalation. How many breaths per minute are you taking? Would love for you to share your results.